Future Projects on Our Radar

  • Encouraging individual food establishments with capacity to create its own in-house returnable deposit container programs.
  • Area-wide reuse & refill eco-system of wash and delivery of dishes for reuse for deposit, which would allow small food businesses with no machine dishwashers on site to participate.
  • Area-wide composting eco-system – Food scraps and organic matters don’t belong to landfills! We see composting not an abstruse science project for those high-minded but primarily as a simple & easy method for climate mitigation and waste reduction that everybody can and should participate, to keep their “wastes” out of waste streams.
  • Area-wide system for wine bottle reuse for the area wineries and cideries.
  • Making Ithaca and Tompkins a Zero Waste City / Municipality! For example…
    • Ban single-use disposables in all places where the ban is warranted – ex. ban sale of water bottles and replace it with water refilling stations; ex.2 pass Beyond Plastics bill
    • Make BRO (utensils By Requests Only) a law
    • Mandate reusables for dine-in
    • Have the City of Ithaca / Tompkins County declare itself as compost-friendly city / municipality
    • Rally for more funding for Zero Waste education – ex. make strong civic and composting education mandatory at public schools
    • Make BYO, reusable foodwares, composting and recycling mandatory at festivals
    • Support much stronger ReUse sector
    • Support deconstruction and recycling of construction wastes
    • ..and more.

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