Gallery: Trash Pick Up

We have been at it since August 2020, since our member Emily suggested we start doing this. We’ve done well over 30 trash pickups over the past 2 years. Lately, we are busy with our other new projects like canvassing for Bring Your Own (BYO) sticker aka Ithaca Reduces project, but trash pickup is still our roots. We ranted profusely and had fun at the same time and met some cool people like Ithaca’s original Glorious Trash Birds.

Seeing is believing. Please come join us! Be a witness to the scourge. Help document. Check our facebook event page for the latest.

Below we share some pictures from our trash pickups 2020-2022. We are sure we will have more to come.

Please also see 10 reasons why we keep picking up trash.

Buy Nothing Day Sagan Planet Walk, November 25, 2022 – photos courtesy by Rich.

Kayak trash pickup, August 11, 2022 – photos courtesy of Rich.

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