The photo of the beautiful jars courtesy of Zero Waste Chef. Thank you.

We are Ithaca’s Zero Waste enthusiasts.

We are a grassroots volunteer group founded in 2018, based in Ithaca, New York, USA, advocating for sustainable Zero Waste system – a climate imperative.

The mission of the group is to promote Zero Waste policies and culture, toward prosperity without growth (from Tim Jackson’s bestseller book title).

We re-evaluate our consumption patterns, support journey to sustainable and fulfilling zero waste life, and do everything we can in our power as denizens of this planet to promote policies to support climate justice for all living beings, through the lens of Zero Waste. We steadfastly oppose industry-sponsored false solutions to waste and climate crisis.

Our long-term goal is to make Ithaca / Tompkins a Zero Waste City or Municipality. See Zero Waste City Masterplan from GAIA (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives). We are a proud member of GAIA and work with organizations and frontline justice communities across the region, country and beyond to achieve Zero Waste aspirations.

We also have fun – we go out for hikes, trash pickups, dumpster observations, “junk in trunks”, gift exchanges in Buy Nothing: Gifting with Integrity gift economy groups, zero waste gardening, doing crafty things and sharing zero waste hacks.

We think Zero Waste brings all kinds of people together for the right purposes.

Find our events on our facebook event page. We’d love you to join us.

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