Jungle, Trash and Equity

The video courtesy of Richard Rivera.

This page is still under construction.

We met with our local activist Richard Rivera on October 4, 2021, trying to wrap our heads around the question of equity and the waste left out by the unhoused people in Ithaca’s “Jungle.” He kindly shared the video above with us.

In rural area, we also have the problem of “dump and run” where residents just dump their trash in random places instead of taking them to waste facilities.

How can we address the question of poverty and inequity through Zero Waste perspectives? The question has been on our mind.

We recently got in touch with the Chief Executive Officer Teresa Bradley of a California non-profit, Race to Zero Waste that is tackling the problem. They have an article titled “To Work on Being Zero Waste, We Have to Work on Homelessness” on their website. We are looking forward to meeting with her soon to learn how they are trying to address this difficult question. We will update on this webpage.

March 20, 2022.

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