Please Donate!

We would really appreciate if you could chip in whatever you can! Here is the link to our PayPal where you can donate. And below is our QR code if you want to use your PayPal phone app.

Please mark it as “Sending to a friend” and not as “Paying for services” so they won’t take out a fee from your contribution.

QR code for your convenience!

Our group is 100% volunteer-run.

Here are some of the expenses that are coming out of core team members’ personal pockets. They really add up.

  • Cost for stickers, flyers and banners – The runaway success of our Reduces program is not keeping up with the fund we were originally provided through Sustainable Tompkins neighborhood mini-grant.
  • Cost to maintain our website, plugins, and also a domain fee
  • Image editing software and storage cost
  • Upcoming fiscal sponsorship fee (Big!)

Again, here is the link to our PayPal.

Thank you for your support! We really appreciate it!

Zero Waste Ithaca is fiscally sponsored by NOPI – Nonprofit Incubator, a program of NOPI INC, a Massachusetts nonprofit corporation and 501(c)(3) organization, EIN 81-5089505. Learn more at

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