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Ed and Yayoi tabling at Farmers’ Market

We would really appreciate if you could chip in whatever you can! Here is the link to our PayPal where you can donate. And below is our QR code if you want to use your PayPal phone app. Please mark it as “Sending to a friend” and not as “Paying for services” so they won’t take out a fee from your contribution. Read on ..

QR code for your convenience!

Our group is 100% volunteer-run. Believe it or not, we have many expenses.

Here are some of the list of expenses that are coming out of some core team members’ personal pockets. They add up.

  • Annual $300 liability insurance cost, required to apply for fiscal sponsorship
  • Cost for stickers, flyers and banners – The runaway success of our Reduces program is not keeping up with the fund we were provided through Sustainable Tompkins neighborhood mini-grant. We need to print more stickers, flyers and also banners than we thought we would need. (We thought if we could put 20 stickers it will be a big success. But now after just three weeks of canvassing, we already have 34 establishments on board as of March 20, 2022! And we only covered only a fraction of Ithaca’s food establishments!)
  • $35 to table at Ithaca Festival!
  • Cost to maintain our website, plugins, and also a domain fee
  • Image editing software and storage cost
  • Zoom fee
  • We’ll need to cover the cost for 6 wheeled garbage bins, signs and stickers for the bins, truck rental, and gas for glass recycling project
  • and there are certainly to be more costs associated as we embark on more projects.

Thank you for your support! We really appreciate it!

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