Why Pick Up Trash?

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Our group has been going on trash pick up hikes for almost every week (except during winter months) since one of our members suggested we start doing so. The pictures of trash we shared above is just a tip of iceberg. We have a litter crisis. But it is not a popular topic of discussion, so no politicians are likely to take it up as a campaign promise. But let’s not kid ourselves – it’s abundantly clear from our on-the-ground observations that, in addition to stopping the tap at its source of this hemorrhage (i.e. holding corporations accountable), we need an equitable, sound policies and education for our outdoor litters. Badly!

For our trash pickups, we collaborate with Friends of Stewart Park, Ithaca Rotary Club, Paddle’n’More. Mad props to Ithaca’s original Glorious Trash Birds that has been picking trash over a decade in our area!

Reasons why we keep picking trash

Why do we pick up trash? It is endless. It seems almost pointless.

It’s true we need a systemic solution to this waste crisis – namely we need to hold those irresponsible corporations accountable. We’ll work on that.

But there are also need to look at the litters on the streets.

And we think there are clear positives in picking up trashes on the streets. Here are some reasons that our members came up with.

We pick trash because ..

  1. It is an opportunity for being social outdoors, and meeting the like-minded people in person and this has been important especially during the pandemic.
  2. It is a good exercise.
  3. It is a chance to get fresh air outdoors – have you been sitting inside all day? Yeah, come out let’s spend an hour outside.
  4. It spreads awareness – other people notice our activities when we are doing it in a group.
  5. It keeps the healthy obsession for the better environment alive.
  6. It helps us being witnesses to the sordid trash situation outdoors.
  7. It does cleanup streets, even a little at a time.
  8. All of these motivates us to do something to call for systemic changes. Trash pickup is just one of many things we do for our zero waste aspirations.
  9. We find free useful stuff and intriguing objects for curio shelves.
  10. It gives the area a good reset. A place with a lot of trash is likely to get more with people not caring. A place that is recently picked up may help to discourage some people from littering.

Do you have more? Let us know and we’ll add them!

And join us for our trash pickups – check our facebook event page and follow our social media for announcements.

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