Buy Nothing: Gifting with Integrity groups

Our area’s four Buy Nothing gift economy groups on facebook originated from our group discussion. Most of the volunteer admins of Ithaca’s Buy Nothing groups are Zero Waste Ithaca group members.

We started these groups in order to build communities through reuse and gift exchanges, and to prevent useful things from going to the Ontario County Landfill.

These are our current four area Buy Nothing: Gifting with Integrity groups on facebook.

If interested, please send a request to join. You must answer all three questions in order to join a group. You can join only one Buy Nothing group at a time.

We are also looking for volunteer admins for Enfield, Ulysses, Dryden, Caroline and Groton areas. Volunteering for Buy Nothing groups is a very rewarding experience. Please reach out to us if you are interested in volunteering.


Our Buy Nothing groups follow the original Buy Nothing group rules and is led by the global network of volunteers of Gifting with Integrity: Buy Nothing. Gifting with Integrity offers valuable admin training and network for support for facebook-based Buy Nothing groups. Regardless of myriads of problems with a tech giant like facebook, facebook is a public square of our time and Buy Nothing groups work so well on the platform. Some of us wish that facebook was a public utility.

Gifting with Integrity: Buy Nothing groups are independent from the Buy Nothing Project which has abandoned its core principles along with all the support it used to offer for facebook-based Buy Nothing groups with their move to a new phone app.

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